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Who knew that child who
uses to cry for flying airplanes
in the sky in his childhood
would be able ever to reach
the sky when he grew up?

Did You Know ?

'SHATRANJ KA RAJA' Achieved a Double Record Break!

On August 19, 2023, in Pune, this historic fusion of chess and music made history, entering the London Book of World Records. But the story doesn't end there!

We're thrilled to share that 'SHATRANJ KA RAJA' has also secured a place in the Excellence Book of Records. That's right, double recognition!

A triumph of creativity and innovation, this journey is a testament to what happens when music and chess come together. Thank you for being a part of our remarkable story!

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'SHATRANJ KA RAJA' Achieved a Double Record Break!
'SHATRANJ KA RAJA' Achieved a Double Record Break!
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Evil Eye Of Chess Book

There are some Chess Masters who were too close from conquering the chess world and will became the only one to remember for. It happened too but not in a positive way. Like a coin, their personalities also have two sides.

Let’s get into the detail of such players who were in a great position but somehow they can’t last there for a long time.

Writer : Vinayak Wadile (International Chess Player)

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The Chess Workbook

Chess Work Book for Beginners and Parents as well.

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